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LiveJournal for The Chronicles of Mist's Team One.

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

Subject:Day One Of My Ninja-ness/\ By: Ookami
Posted by:shinobiskywolf.
Time:8:57 pm.
Mood: tired.
Okay, so, here is Mist (aka, Kirigakure no Sato, aka, Kirigakure, aka, Kiri, aka, Hidden Village of Mist, aka, Mist Village, aka, Mist). We rule. Yay! ANYWAY! Stay out of my Journal you two! You’re supposed to be writing in your own! Not mine! Okay. Grrrr...... Oh well, I guess we could just write these together....... neh, mebbe not. Sensei might get mad......

I am Sorano Ookami (Last name first, like everyone else in the Ninja Countries), and I am a ninja. YOSH! I live in Mist Village, and I am TWELVE!!! *Grins* I have two team mates and an andro.... androgy..... ANDROGYNOUS sensei. (I think Gesshouku-sensei is male, so that’s what he’s gonna be referred to as in my Journal. Male. As in he has a dinkle.... *giggle*) Our whole team is made of girls (We had too many girls in our “graduating” class this year, so we got three in our team). *Grins* We are Team 1! We’re number one! We’re number one! *Dances around*

My teammates are Kendero Kaze and Umino Kouzuiko.

Kaze is kinda hyper....... very hyper......... okay, so she needs medication. Lots of medication. *boots Kouzuiko out of Journal* MINE DAMMIT! *Continues talking about Kaze* She entered the academy early (somehow) and is was the youngest in our class (she’s also the shortest, the shrimp). She’s eleven...... or was it ten? Eleven! I’M ELEVEN AND A HALF DANGIT!!!!! *Sweatdrop* Anyway, she fell unconscious in our Genin exam. Somehow she managed to pass. *Eyeroll* Oh well, she’s not so bad once you get to know her though. (Mebbe) Although she is convinced she’s a fox, and wears a hat that says “Foxie-sama” on the front, with two orange-yellow ears sticking out of the top of the hat.

She also wears a fox tail. (It’s not real, I checked. *Grins* I “accidently” stepped on it, and it popped right off) I am a fox! I AM!!!

Kouzuiko is much easier for me to deal with. She’s the tallest of our class; already 170 cm at age twelve. Damn she’s tall. She’s a bit quiet, kinda grumpy..... and she has a fin. On. her. back..... A. FIN........ I HAVE THREE! And thank you. Errrr....... three of them apparently.......... *Nods to Kouzuiko*

Now, Gesshouku-sensei we don’t know too much about, he’s androgynous, and Shrimpy *a growl is heard from Kaze* thinks he’s a girl. *Eyeroll* He may act like he’s PMSing sometimes, but he doesn’t act girlish. He’s really laid back, almost like that Far Western chocolate movie, about the Wonky-dude in that he normally says, “No. You really shouldn’t do that.” or something like “I wouldn’t advise that.” or even “Not my chocolate river!!!” Okay, well, mebbe not that last part, but ah, what the hell.

Okay, so, for our first mission, you know what we’re told? That we have another test to take. Two of them actually. First we have to swim. Kouzuiko laughed outright at that, apparently she’s from a family who take on similar forms to those animals that live in the sea. She’s a shark thingy. *ahem* So anyway, Sensei said that we had to swim.

Across a river roughly two hundred feet wide.

This didn’t seem so bad, until we saw it.

Yes, it did turn out to be about two hundred feet wide, but the only downside was........

It was all rapids.

And I mean all rapids, as in, lots and lots of rocks. Big ones. Really big rocks.

Sticking out of the water that hurtled around it at such a speed it looked like they were going to break from such a strain from the water.

Kaze looked like she was going to faint. Apparently she didn’t like the idea of getting in the water. (I got the feeling she didn’t want to get her ears and tail wet)

I didn’t think it would’ve really even been that bad, if the devil incarnate himself, Gesshouku-sensei, decided to break the news to us. As we started off towards the water, prepared to swim, he made us come back , and then proceeded to grab a roll of rope just handily to the side.

“Now, this is not a normal test,” he explained, unraveling the rope as he spoke.

I growled, “No shit. It’s gonna keep us as Ninjas, of COURSE it’s not a ‘normal’ test!”

Gesshouku-sensei grinned. It was the kind of grin that reminded you of the way a wolf looks at a frightened sheep when it knows that it’s prey has no escape.

Needless to say, we all gulped.

“This test,” he continued, “shall be conducted while all three of you.....” He paused dramatically, and all of us caught our breaths. And suddenly he was in right in front of us, tightening the knots on our feet.

“Are bound together by your feet.” His eyes closed as he laughed lightly.

“Are you trying to KILL us!?” Kouzuiko yelled, clearly pissed at being tied together with us.

Kaze didn’t do anything but shake. Well........ she did whimper a bit.

I growled at him, my inhumanly elongated canine fangs glinting (there’s a reason I’m called “Ookami” you know).

Gesshouku-sensei just grinned. “And oh, by the way? You have a time limit. Twenty minutes. And you just wasted two of them arguing with me.”

All of our eyes widened simultaneously, and Kouzuiko and I dragged Kaze quickly towards the edge of the river where we proceeded to jump in.


Ugh, the wolf is tired, so I’ll leave it there and pick up where I left off later. It’s been a long day and we have to train tomorrow at four am. FOUR AM!!! Anyway, I’m sure one of the other two teammates I have can pick it up, so what’s it matter? Night.

Over and Out.
Sorano Ookami
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Posted by:shinobiskywolf.
Time:8:45 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
Hey you guys, pick your font color and update them on here. I chose this color, and as soon as you guys pick, I have my journal update if you guys wanna read it. I didn't talk to any one of you about it, so I don't know if it works, but read it anyway and tell me if it works out, okay? Over and out -Ookami </p>

Kaze- since Kouzuiko and I know how to change the font and I know it's almost pointless to get you to do it, just tell me what color you want in a reply, and I'll just put it up as the default.

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Posted by:shinobiskywolf.
Time:5:26 pm.
Mood: curious.
Testing testing 1 2 3 .....
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LiveJournal for The Chronicles of Mist's Team One.

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